The NCLCV is a non-profit dedicated to advocating for sustainable environmental policies to ensure quality of life for all North Carolinians. Like Joe, the NCLCV recognizes that access to clean air and water isn't just an environmental issue -- it's a civil rights issue.

The NCLCV is proud to endorse candidates who understand that "a clean environment, strong economy, and healthy communities go hand-in-hand."

We're Pro Joe!

 Since announcing my candidacy, I've been humbled and inspired by the outpouring of support from people in our community. It's your endorsement that matters most, because it's you who I'll be proudly fighting for every day. 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Now let's get out there and win this thing for all of us! 


Tara C.

Dan S.

Kathy M.

Richie S.

Lisa C.

Sarina S.

GLoria G.

Sherri K.

Heather W.

Zach M.

Eve h.

Lesley J.

Deborah B.

SUsan A.

Ellie W.

Carolyn W.

Tim C.

Ashley W.

Sarah M.

Daisy K.

Alice W.

Meredith M.

Allyson G.

Don H.

Sherry E.

Cecil B.

Dawn h.

Val C.

Marcy W.

Suzanne C.

Lane W.

Robbie C.

Ray L.

Cameron K.

Wanda E.

Donna K.

Carol T.

Pam G.

Leanne K.

Megan I.

David M.

Rebecca B.

Laura Z.

Brenda J.

Joe F.

Michael P.

Jimmy M.

Don H.

Erin W.

Elaine S.

Jeannie S.

Ed W.

Katrina S.

Danielle F.

Susan H.

Nelda H.

Donnie M.

Marcia W.

Barbara C.

Nefatina E.

Katherine M.

Abby W.

Linda M.

Debra P.

Betty K.

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