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Five former NC Governors Gather To Oppose two Amendments

August 13, 2018

Something we can all agree on. Five former North Carolina Governors, including Governor Pat McCrory, have come out strongly against the highly partisan amendments proposed by the Republican-led legislature, saying if passed, the amendments would shred gubernatorial power and government checks and balances if approved. In these extraordinary times, it's important to remember what's at stake this November, and we appreciate our former Governors standing firmly on the side of the people.

Rising Sea Levels due to climate Change are costing the coast millions every year

July 26, 2018

Protecting our homes and livelihoods from the affects of climate change should be a commonsense, bipartisan effort -- yet, a new study has found that since 2005, North Carolinians have suffered  $582 Million in property loss due to rising sea-levels. We can and should be doing more to protect our beautiful coastlines.

General Assembly to hold surprise session to Change ballot language ahead of election

July 22, 2018

In yet another brazen power grab, the Republican-led General Assembly will hold a surprise session to write the descriptions of proposed constitutional amendments appearing on the November ballot. This responsibility previously fell to a three person, bipartisan commission designed to avoid political bias.  This action is a shameless attempt to mislead voters by disguising controversial ballot initiatives, including a voter-ID amendment designed to surpress voter turnout among people of color, young people, and people living in urban areas.

Income inequality in North Carolina is worse than prior to the great recession

July 20, 2018

While the economy has recovered significantly since the 2007 Great Recession, the income gap between the wealthy and the poor in North Carolina is the worst it's been in nearly a century. Today, the wealthiest 1% of North Carolinians take home over 20 times the income of the remaining 99%. Economic policies and tax breaks that heavily favor corporations and the wealthy have created wealth imbalance rivaling the Great Depression. North Carolina needs policies for working families that promotes economic mobility and educational opportunities.




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